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    Chcete si užít stylový večer v duchu Havaje, vychutnat si svěží letní koktejly a skvěle se pobavit? Pak je tu něco právě PRO VÁS!!! KOKTEJLY ZA NAPROSTO BEZKONKURENČNÍ CENY!!! MOJITO - 69,- SEX ON THE BEACH - 69,- PIŇA COLADA - 79,-CUBA LIBRE - 59,-"KŘÍDLA" (VODKA ENERGY DRINK) AKCE: ZA KAŽDÝ 3. KOKTEJL DÁREK ZDARMA TĚŠÍME SE NA VÁS! Začátek v 19:00 hod.

Gastroland – Combines enjoyable cuisine with selected wines, cocktails and a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks. Located within a modern setting, the restaurant overlooks one of the main streets of Olomouc, together with the largest marine aquarium in the city. The meals are prepared only from fresh ingredients, and will not only entice just you but also your children, whom we have prepared a special menu along with their own playground whilst they wait to eat. In addition, our restaurant is wheelchair accessible. .

Bowland – Bowland is just a few steps from the restaurant. There are 12 available lanes in the bowling alley, where you can enjoy entertainment after or before your meal.

Gastroland and Bowland – Twice the value!.